They made fun of me. My accent, my sharp nose, my facial hair, and even my mother.

They made fun of me because I was more fluent in my mother tongue than English.

I can still hear their laughter.

I can vividly remember them mocking me when I asked something.

But everything changed one day when I put on my crown.

The day I knew my worth. The day their laughter changed to some unrhythmic noise.

I am not a victim. I am a symbol of perseverance.

I have become more than them but I don’t laugh at them. I pity them.



Cheers to all the girls!

Who fell for words

fell for guys that had the sweetest things to say

Cheers to all the girls!

who believed him when he said that he cared about you

Cheers to all the girls!

Who gave themselves to this guy,

Their safe place, their home

Who became a monster after he was done

Cheers to all the girls!

Who let a fuckboy take a part of them,

Cheers to all the girls!

Who survived the rumors that motherfucker spread,

Cheers to all the sluts,

Who hoped that he would be dead.

And now,

He is dead.


Today I am thinking of him

More than I should

I don’t want to remember him

I know he doesn’t think of me

Yet I still check my empty inbox

Still check his twitter feed

Thinking if there is a status about me

Am I crazy?

Or Am I mad?

To love a guy who has never loved me

To love a guy who looked at her

The way I wanted to be looked at

Am I crazy?

For trying to bring him the moon,

In hopes to impress him,

I painted his picture,

Painted the sky,

Wrote a poem,

Yet it never touched him

I couldn’t give him words,

Because I am not good with it,

So I gave him my heart,

It is still with him.